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The Max Guardian

The Max Guardian is a product of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in more ways than one.

Started in 2020 by Chelsea and Leo, The Max Guardian provides not only a source of protection and comfort for our many customers who rely on it for their jobs and essential needs, but also a source of income amid the coronavirus’ economic fallout.

As with many other Americans, Chelsea was a casualty of the COVID-19 crisis, having been laid off from her job in the fashion industry. After hearing from friends and family concerned about their well-being when venturing out for essential needs, she put her skills and experience to work making custom-designed, hand-crafted, and high-quality face masks.

What started as a simple way to fill her time and help those she loved soon turned into something much more. Her father, a high-risk candidate for contracting the virus who found comfort in wearing his daughter’s mask, made a post on social media letting his friends and community know high-quality masks were available in town.


Fashion Designer & Founder

Chelsea Martens


Business Management & Founder

Leo A.

With so many workers, health care providers, and officials struggling with a lack of PPE and protective equipment, and everyday people concerned about their health and safety amid quarantines and Stay-at-Home orders, word quickly spread about The Max Guardian. With the help of her Fiancé Leo, a family business was born.

The Max Guardian grew fast, with grocery workers, health care providers, and entire communities placing orders for masks. Chelsea and Leo received and overwhelming positive response for the comfort, quality, and protection of the masks – as well as their sleek aesthetics and exceptional fit. What sets The Max Guardian apart from others is not only that it is washable, but that it contains a removable and replaceable virus-grade filter.

Chelsea and Leo have been driven to continue in their unexpected venture through the outpouring of support from customers across Southern California and the country. During these difficult times, they are proud to support all those with needs for protective face coverings, and are so very grateful for the trust customers place in their family business, and their recommendations to friends and families.

From our family to yours: Thank you!

Laith Abuzaid

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