Where are your masks manufactured ?

Our masks are manufactured in the United States in our home garage that has been transformed into a factory.

Are they Washable ?

We don’t recommend washing our masks in the washing machine, as the intensity of washing machines diminishes the efficacy. For best care, we recommend handwashing the exterior with cold water and detergent after every use, and hanging to dry, and alternating between masks every other day

Are the filters washable ?

No. Please remove the filters before washing.

Are the masks suitable for Healthcare ?

In the absence of N95, we believe these to be a solid alternative. We do recommend using soap to handwash the exterior every few hours, or after every patient, if these are used in a healthcare setting. If you have an N95, our masks can help preserve the lifespan of them by filtering out and inactivating some of the virus particles before they reach the N95 filter.

Do you have different sizes ?

Our masks currently fit as a Small, Medium and Large. We purposely made them snug in an attempt to mimic the airtight seal of N95s. Please visit our Product Instructions page for a guide on how to accurately measure your face for the correct size.

Can my organization receive a donation?

Please reach out to us at so that we can process your request.

How quickly will they arrive?

Once your order is placed it will take 1-3 business days to process the order for shipping. All orders are hand made once the payment has been processed.

I am local can I do a local pickup?

Yes. Please choose local pickup when checking out. We will reach out to you once your order is processed to coordinate a pickup time and we will go over our curbside procedures.

How much is Shipping?

We offer Free Flat Rate Standard shipping.

I tried to place an order but it doesn’t work, what do I do?

Please give us a call at 805-295-4847. Attention !!!! Internet Explorer does not support this website. Internet Explorer is an obsolete web browser that does not support the modern internet. Please use; Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox to purchase Items. Thank you !